As with every year in March, five thousand attendees throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industry converge on a city in the United States for the Society of Toxicology ToxExpo Meeting / Conference. These attendees are there to attend more than 2,000 presentations and meet with more than 250 exhibitors throughout Canada, the United States, and across the world.

Nucro-Technics has been attending this conference for more than 35 years and has seen it grow exponentially. For us, it is one of the key ways to meet with our partners, keep in touch with the industry, and see the direction that drug development is moving in. It is also a great venue to meet with vendors and consulting toxicologists that support pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are navigating the IND process.
Nucro-Technics is Your Contract Research Partner

If you are a consulting toxicologist working at the non-clinical stage and supporting pharmaceutical companies through their IND process with the FDA or to other regulatory agencies, Nucro-Technics can help you. Nucro-Technics has been in business since 1970 and has been testing novel molecules and products for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries from the very beginning. We offer a full array of services that cover testing from the benchtop, lead optimization, and pivotal phases.