Cytotoxicity Testing Overview

Nucro-Technics offer a broad array of cytotoxicity assays that cover a wide range of OECD GLP, FDA GLP, and GMP regulatory guidances and methods. These Cytoxocity assays may be used for multiple purposes but they typically fall under one of two categories:

  • To screen for cytotoxicity in compound libraries during the research and development process; or
  • Used as quality control test required for regulatory bodies for product release.

There are multiple ways that cytotoxicity can be conducted, but all testing is designed to ultimately determine the toxicity of compounds as they apply to cell cultures.  Depending on client needs, the tests can be run either qualitatively or quantitatively and multiple assays can be multiplexed on the same plates (most commonly done for the NRU, LDH, and XTT).

The following cytoxocity assays are offered at Nucro-Technics:

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