Updated: August 30, 2019

Given the legalization of Cannabis as a result of the Cannabis Act in October 2018, and the continued use of marijuana for medical purposes, the Canadian cannabis industry has been undergoing a rapid evolution. New regulations are being issued and new guidances are being released and updated. As a result, staying on top of the latest requirements is a challenge.  This is especially true as most of these changes and updated guides are communicated by e-mail with a significant delay before being posted to Health Canada’s Cannabis Laws and Regulations website.  In other cases, guidances published by Health Canada may refer to specific sections in other documents.

To help people within the industry find up-to-date versions of Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations and Guides, Nucro-Technics is hosting these published documents and making them conveniently available for download.

Current Regulations

Nucro-Technics is your Marijuana / THC Contract Testing Partner

If you are a Licensed Producer looking to meet the testing requirements of the Cannabis Act, Nucro-Technics can help you. Nucro-Technics has been in business for almost five decades and we have been testing product for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and cosmetic industries from the very beginning. Testing of medical marijuana and other cannabis derivatives is something that we have been doing since before this industry existed. Not only can product in all forms (dried leaf, oils, capsules, lotions/creams, patches) be tested at our facility, but we are set up to do this work to pharmaceutical standards. This is something that very few companies in the industry can claim. Learn about Nucro-Technics’ complete range of services for the testing of cannabis for medical purposes.

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