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NUCRO-TECHNICS‘ capabilities clearly distinguish us as a full service Pharmaceutical Contract Support Organization with qualifications and experience significantly different from those organizations that provide only testing services. Almost since our inception, our scientists have been called upon to perform contract R&D work in the area of pharmaceuticals. We have provided this support to a wide array of clients, large and small, as well as to trade associations, government agencies and consultants.

Since 1970, we have been problem solvers. Our employees have over 2000 years of combined practical experience and leadership in analyzing situations, developing strategies, creating new methods and procedures, and assisting clients with their products.

As an extension of your business, we can perform custom, research-oriented projects that you might not have the time, expertise, or available staff to accomplish. Some general examples of our R&D and consulting support include:

  • Safety and Toxicity Assessment of Drugs (Toxicology/Genotoxicology)
  • Safety and Toxicity Assessment of Medical Devices
  • Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • Process Validation
  • Collaborative and comparative projects
  • Method transfer
  • Cleaning Validations (Microbiological & Residual Efficacy)
  • Shelf-life and other stability analyses
  • Product problem studies
  • Consultation in QA/QC methods and procedures
  • Regulatory Support
  • Registration of Drugs and Medical Devices with Health Canada on Behalf of International and Canadian Clients

All of our R&D and consulting efforts are custom-designed in order to meet the special needs of individual clients. We begin each project by working with the client to clearly define objectives and possible technical approaches. Upon mutual agreement as to the project direction, we outline the recommended tasks and timetables, with anticipated costs in a project proposal. Efforts proceed only upon client authorization. All work is performed in a close relationship with the client and, of course, under the strictest confidentiality.

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