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Pharmaceutical Logistics - Canadian Pharmaceutical Contract Services & Support


In support of our QC Consulting and Regulatory Affairs divisions, NUCRO-TECHNICS offers many other services to our international clientele. These services include:

  • Providing an address where clients without a Canadian presence can receive any correspondence from Health Canada.
  • Providing meeting facilities at our location for the use of our clients.
  • Introducing suitable lawyers and notary agents to clients to handle any legal issues.
  • Collaborating with clients’ eventual partners, concessionaire agents or suppliers.
  • Organizing, when necessary, consent for the importation of material into Canada (ministerial approval, identifying appropriate customs officials and the most convenient customs entry point, etc.).
  • Representing clients to Health Canada as required, and acting as their representative during Health Canada audits.
  • Storing and distributing, for the Canadian market, niche products that require special handling and attention.

For further information about these services, to receive a quotation, or to schedule a test, please contact NUCRO-TECHNICS.