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Post image for Surface Glass Testing & Glass Grains Testing as per USP <660>

Surface Glass Testing & Glass Grains Testing as per USP <660>

Surface Glass Testing & Glass Grains Testing as per USP <660>

The Glass Grains Test, combined with the Surface Glass Test for hydrolytic resistance, determines the type of glass being used in the packaging of pharmaceutical preparations. There are three different glass types that are used for various purposes:

Glass Type Composition Use
Type I Borosilicate glass Suitable for most parenteral and non-parenteral uses.
Type II Soda-Lime-Silica Glass but with a suitable treatment on the inner surface to increase the hydrolytic resistance Suitable for most acidic and neutral aqueous products for parenteral and non-parenteral uses. Can be used for alkaline parenteral products if there stability data to demonstrate suitability.
Type III Soda-Lime-Silica Glass Usually not used for parenteral products or for powders that will be reconstituted and used parenterally, except where suitable stability test data indicate that Type III glass is acceptable.

The Surface Glass Test can distinguish between Type III glass and Types I/II.  The Glass Grains Test can distinguish between Type I glass and Type II glass.  The tests work by determining the quantity of alkali released from the glass after going through the testing procedures specified by general chapter <660> of the USP.

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