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Nucro-Technics in the Consumer Health Product Canada Spotlight

by Constantine on May 4, 2015

Nucro-Technics in the Consumer Health Product Canada Spotlight

John C. Fanaras, Nucro-Technics’ president, was profiled this month by Consumer Health Product (CHP) Canada. Among the topics that were discussed were, the history of Nucro-Technics, the challenges faced by the organization, as well as some of the reasons for Nucro-Technics success in a very competitive and fast-paced industry.

Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) is the national industry association representing manufacturers, marketers, and distributors of consumer health products (which includes over-the-counter medications and natural health products). Nucro-Technics routinely complete projects for most of the CHP Canada member companies. These projects include everything from routine chemistry testing, microbiology testing, and stability storage, to more in-depth activities like developing and validating methods for new product formulations.

The full profile can be found here.

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