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New Canadian Medical Marihuana Regulations

by David Milstein on May 27, 2014

Recently, Health Canada revised its regulations regarding the Production, Acquisition and Use of Marihuana for Medicinal Purposes.  Under these new guidelines, marihuana will be treated, as much as possible, like any other narcotic used for medicinal purposes.  For patients, the benefits of this new system are access to quality-controlled marihuana, produced under secure and sanitary conditions, as well as more choices of marihuana strains and commercial suppliers.

For producers wishing to become licenced, however, compliance to the new regulations must be demonstrated.  This includes quality-control standards, record-keeping of all activities as well as inventories of Marihuana, and physical security measures.

For quality control, Health Canada has specified a range of tests that need to be performed on the Marihuana produced.  These tests are required to determine chemical and microbial purity.  Chemistry tests not only ensure that the harvested Marihuana is effective by quantifying the levels of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the samples, but also ensure that pesticides, aflatoxins (toxins produced by fungi) and heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, are not present.  Microbial testing is required to ensure that harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli have not contaminated the Marihuana.

Nucro-Technics is capable of performing all of the chemical and microbial tests required for qualifying Marihuana from licensed producers.  In addition, we can assist with regulatory affairs and compliance issues, such as developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), performing site audits and applying for Licensing.

For more information on any of the required medicinal marihuana tests and regulatory compliance support that Nucro-Technics offers, please Contact Us.

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