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by Constantine on June 27, 2011

Press Release

Nucro-Technics, a Contract Support Organization for the Pharmaceutical Industry, is announcing the development of a service with its Spanish partner, Anaxomics, to develop a set of screening assays to evaluate the potential safety of new drug candidates.  The outcome of this international partnership will be a rapid way for predicting the safety of new drug candidates and thus help companies make educated decisions during the drug development process in selecting promising compounds.

This development focuses on the problem plaguing the pharmaceutical industry where new molecular entity output remains constant, while research & development costs are steadily increasing.  As toxicity is one of the leading causes of drug attrition, this service will allow for the screening out of drug candidates that are likely to be toxic earlier in the drug development process.  This will allow for quicker selection of more promising candidates.

Upon completion of the development of this service, it will be possible to have a client’s drug candidate have its potential safety characterized, by an in-silico assay conducted by Anaxomics and an in-vivo assay using biomarkers, conducted by Nucro-Technics. The synergistic combination of these two assays will provide a highly accurate and cost-effective tool to help companies make educated decisions during the drug development process in selecting compounds that will meet the necessary safety requirements.

About Nucro-Technics:

Nucro-Technics is a full-service Contract Support Organization that has completed projects for the ten largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.  Nucro-Technics’ in-house services include: Pre-Clinical Toxicology; Genetic Toxicology; Bioanalytical Services; Chemistry/Microbiology Analysis & Method Development; and Quality Control/Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs consulting to the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

For further information, to receive a quotation, or to schedule a test, please contact NUCRO-TECHNICS.

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